About Me


My name is Melanie and I'm am the designer and maker of the Mel D collection. My designs are essentially made with wood beads.

Each piece has it’s own uniqueness as I hand paint most of the wood beads, bangles and earrings.

My Pop stick earrings are fun and colourful.  A lot of earring addictions have started with these.

I take pride in my quality and designs of my jewellery and hope you will love wearing it just as much as I do.



Wood comes from nature and is still one of the most valuable materials in the world, it has a feeling of life, because it came from something living.

Jesus was a carpenter and wood is often mentioned in the Bible as the material of choice by the lord himself.


This is why I love working with wood, it keeps me grounded and overloads my senses, from the look, feel and smell of it